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EPC – Energy Performance Certificate

Residential EPC is required for an estimate from any of your  local energy assessors to check your house energy efficiency and calculate it energy ranking to let or sell. You must have an energy performance certificate  whether you are a homeowner, landlord, or property agent.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) is a  document that shows energy efficiency rating of a property and provide information to the recipient about its current estimated energy consumption and how to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions as well as their future energy bills. Government guidelines about EPC can be find on GOV.UK

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Why Do You Need an EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required for commercial and residential properties that are being advertised for rent or sale. An EPC is required by any property agent or website before an advertisement for a home or commercial property can be placed on the market.

  • Are you thinking of selling your property?
  • Leasing or renting a property
  • Application for an Energy Efficiency Grant

EPCs are required for funding or grants from the government. You might also want to check your property’s energy efficiency score that what it is consuming and what you can save after home improvements. If so we can help to get you EPC whenever you need it.

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All customers are valued and we strive to offer a high-quality service. No matter how big or small a property is, we hold the same high standards as everyone who uses our services to obtain an EPC. Our customers can be confident that they will receive a high-quality EPC survey within 48 hours of booking and a certificate. Fair pricing also means you will pay no extra cost than quoted and we will always provide the best prices.


Our assessors have industry-recognized accreditations and are all qualified professionals. To ensure high-quality and accurate EPC surveys, they are constantly audited by their accreditations bodies. You can verify any of the assessor who visit you from their accreditation scheme. Visit our accreditation page to find a quick link to scheme provider.

Need a hand in your ECO assessment?

We offer a range of services for ECO assessment including retrofit assessment. Extra photographs for all purpose assessments are available on cheap prices. A complete assessment service which can help your assessor to finalise your eco assessment. just fill up contact us form with the area explained and we’ll arrange assessors to help you in your project.

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Do you require an Energy Performance Certificate?  We strive to be the best Energy Performance Certificate provider that offers energy efficiency surveys on a very low price and get you your certificate with 48 hrs of survey . This means we offer the best service with free of cost. For the lowest price in the market, we can help you obtain an EPC survey accredited by a professional energy assessor. We guarantee our customers that we will provide the best prices possible through our Company Price Promise.
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  • When I can advertise my proeprty?

    If you do not have an EPC you can not display legally. Once you have booked in and an energy assessor is on the way to your property you don't need to wait. Our assessor can assess the property and issue certificate within 48 hours of assessment.

  • Do I need epc for commercial property?

    Yes. Any property which is on the sale or listed for rent. It requires an epc unless it is exampted.

  • How can I check if I have an EPC?

    You can visit epc register and search for your address. If your address is diplayed in the list you have an epc. Simply click and download it. If it is too old than look for any changes you have made after the epc was issued then it is highly recommended to have it again.

  • What happens If I don't get an EPC?

    EPC is a legal requirement before you market any property. If you don't get the epc then you may be fined upto £5000.

  • What is EPC register?

    EPC register is a cerntral register where all the epc's are stored for life time even they are expired. Once a 16 digit UPRN is issued it will stay there for life time unless you do it again.

  • Do I need to pay again?

    No once you have paid, our assessor will visit the property and you will get your certificate by email with a link to the national epc register.

  • How much it cost to have an epc certificate?

    Epc cost depends on the type and size of the property. Some properties need more work than it look actually. You can check your quick quote here.

  • What happens in EPC survey?

    Epc survey is simple and important. Our energy assessor will take notes of all the electric, heating and water appliances. He'll need access to all the rooms loft and back garden. He'll also take photographs of all those items he thinks they are very important for his epc. He'll also take measurements of the property.

  • How long does it take to get an epc certificate?

    It takes about 5 minutes to book an epc and our assessor will contact you and confirm the first available time slot. Once the survey has done it takes upto 48 hrs to get your energy performance certificate.

  • how long does an epc last?

    Typically an epc is valid for 10 years as shown on the certificate but if you have changed anything which can change the behaviour of the energy usage it should be redone.